MAICO Pictures 1984

1984 MAICO 490 & 250. Technical specifications at the bottom of page

In 1984 maico was entering the newer age with high HP engines, water cooling and new plastic. Basically the 1984 model had the same frame, suspension, fork and wheels as the 1983 model. Even the engine is the same except for the water cooled cylinder. Maico raised the power output to no less than 47 HP's. The Corte Cosso rear unit was abandoned during 1983 and the machine now had 13" (330mm) of smooth Öhlins rear travel. The swingarm was the same steel unit that served so well in 1983. The bike didn't gain much popularity since it couldn't keep up with the japanese bikes anymore. All japanese bikes had disk brakes up front, ø43mm forks and variable exhaust ports as well as rigid aluminium alloy swingarms. The problems from the last two years with maico bikes kept the customers away too. The 1984 maico wasn't considered competitive in the 250cc class. No maico where left to shine in the dying open class with the 490 instead. The GS (enduro) models where slightly more popular since most japanese bikes couldn't be bought with lights. The competition there was merely Husqvarna and KTM that both suffered from particially outdated technique just as well as maico. But keep in mind that the 1984 engine was very powerful and probably stronger than any other stock 250cc.

Maico went to fibre plates in the clutch in 1984. That was a good thing from the sore sintered clutches of the past that required these frequent oil changes.


Technical specifications MAICO 250cc MAICO 490cc
2-stroke single cylinder piston port air cooled
Displacement: 247cc 488cc
Bore/Stroke: 67 x 70mm 86.5 x 83mm
Compression ratio:
Bing V54/II ø 38mm
Bing V54/II ø 40mm
Horespower: 42HP / 8000RPM (DIN) 56HP / 7000RPM (DIN)
Wet multi disk
5 speed
4 speed-spider MX / 5 speed-sand spider
Gear ratio: 2.07/1.61/1.24/1.04/0.88


Air filter:
Motoplat electronic
Double loop, backbone box chrome moly steel
ø42mm Hydraulic air assisted conventional fork. 12.2" (310mm) travel
Fork oil:
570cc, 5w hydraulic oil
Rear suspension:
Dual Control Corte Cosso/Öhlins reservoir shock. 12.2" (310mm)
Front brake:
Drum brake, ø5.3" (135mm)
Rear brake:
Drum brake, ø6.2" (158mm)
( 1500mm)
Ground clearance:
Seat height:
Dry weight: 99Kg 103Kg