MAICO Pictures 1982

1982 MAICO ALPHA 1 490 & 250. Technical specifications at the bottom of page

In 1982 maico released their first rear mono suspension system named Alpha control. The 490cc engine had redesigned ports and pipe to give a 10% more power in the mid range area. The maximum power was unchanged though. The Alpha rear suspension could be dialed in to near perfection but unfortunately a few details ruined the markets confidence. The rising rate was all too progressive. The shock could extend a bit too much causing the shock shaft to bend when hitting the lower mount and the entire bike had gained too much weight from the previous year. As always the Corte Cosso shock didn't impress the riders and required some work or a switch to Öhlins. The 400cc model dissapeared.

Here can one see the single shock layout. This is a very beautiful bike owned by Max Salinari.

The 250cc machine below is in great shape, one can see the reed intake. The 250 was a sweet bike as ever but started to feel outdated among the customers with their water cooling and slightly stronger engines. The plastic in combination with the water cooling and added to that, all japanese bikes but suzuki had ø43mm forks by now made the maico one or two step behind. The old primary chain engine had been around for a long time too and since it was designed for open class sizes had too much flywheel effect and therefore lacked some snap.

Even though the 1982 model where heavier than the previous year, bike tests in the magazines claimed it to have a light feel. Same old tractable power and first class suspension. The highly regarded suspension was as always much thanks to the extremely fine forks.


Technical specifications MAICO 250cc MAICO 490cc
2-stroke single cylinder piston port air cooled
Displacement: 247cc 488cc
Bore/Stroke: 67 x 70mm 86.5 x 83mm
Compression ratio:
Bing V54/II ø 38mm
Bing V54/II ø 40mm
Horespower: 40HP / 8000RPM (DIN) 53HP / 7000RPM (DIN)
Wet multi disk, 6 sintered and 6 steel plates (12), spring washers
Primary drive:
3/8 x 7/32" two single row chains, 52 links
5 speed
Gear ratio: 2.71/1.87/1.50/1.20/1.00 2.71/1.87/1.50/1.20/1.00
Air filter:
Motoplat electronic
Double loop, backbone box chrome moly steel
ø42mm Hydraulic air assisted conventional fork. 12.2" (310mm) travel
Fork oil:
570cc, 5w hydraulic oil
Rear suspension:
Alpha Control, Corte Cosso reservoir shock. 12.8" (325mm)
Front brake:
Drum brake, ø5.3" (135mm)
Rear brake:
Drum brake, ø6.2" (158mm)
( 1510mm)
Ground clearance:
Seat height:
Dry weight: 228Ibs (104Kg) 237Ibs (108Kg)