MAICO Pictures 1980

1980 MAICO 440 MEGA. Technical specifications at the bottom of page

The most innovative and competitive open class bike back in 1980. New frame with the rigid box backbone structure, brand new ø42mm super rigid air assisted fork with 12.2 inches (310mm) travel. New plastic tank, aluminium hubs and 12.2 inches (310mm) of rear Corte Cosso suspension. The magnificent flat engine with the chain primary drive. Direct piston controlled ports and a forged Mahle piston that lasts forever.

440 MEGA front view

The rear end. Ultra strong chromolly swingarm, twin shocks with a separate reservoir and a huge 310mm travel. Noticeable is that bikes never gotten longer suspension travel than this. It was the ultimate spot on.

440 MEGA rear end

The engine and pipe. Note the huge bing carb and no reed valves to stop the flow. The 440cc engine delivered some 50HP at 7200rpm. Only slightly beaten by the Yamaha YZ465. The ultra tractable powerband in combination with the sharp steering made MAICO the best.

440 engine layout

The MAICO 250. All specs equals the 400 and 440 except the engine size and power output.

MAICO 250 1980

Technical specifications MAICO 250cc MAICO 400cc MAICO 440cc
2-stroke single cylinder piston port air cooled
Displacement: 247cc 386cc 438cc
Bore/Stroke: 67 x 70mm 77 x 83mm 82 x 83mm
Compression ratio:
ø82mm, ø82.22mm, ø82.52mm, ø82.82mm forged single ring Mahle
Bing V54/II ø 40mm
Horespower: 40HP / 7800RPM (DIN) 47HP / 7000RPM (DIN) 50HP / 7200RPM (DIN)
Wet multi disk, 6 sintered and 6 steel plates (12), spring washers
Primary drive: Duplex chain 2.28
Triplex chain 1.86
5 speed
Gear ratio: 2.25/1.80/1.44/1.20/1.00
Air filter:
Motoplat electronic
Double loop, backbone box chrome moly steel
ø42mm Hydraulic air assisted conventional fork. 12.2" (310mm) travel
Fork oil:
570cc, 5w hydraulic oil
Rear suspension:
Steel swingarm on needle bearings. Corte Cosso reservoir shocks. 12.2" (310mm)
Front brake:
Drum brake, ø5.3" (135mm)
Rear brake:
Drum brake, ø6.2" (158mm)
57.7" ( 1465mm)
Ground clearance:
14.2" (361mm)
Seat height:
37.8" (960mm)
Dry weight: 218Ibs (99Kg) 222Ibs (101Kg) 224Ibs (102Kg)